PMP container


  - MPEG-4 ASP is supported (for performance reasons, the use of QPEL and GMC is not recommended)
  - Resolution up to 720x512 (width and height must be both divisible by 8)
  - Frames per second between 1 and ~38 (no more than 25fps are recommended, this is for performance reasons and due to the way i handle vsync)

The video need to be placed in an avi container in order to be handled by the PMP Muxer.
I suggest VirtualDub and XviD to handle the video conversion.
If you are totally lost, consider to visit in order to acquire the required skills, or give a shot to some quick guide.


  - CBR/VBR MP3, Stereo, 44100Hz (supported bitrates are: 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256, 320 kbps)

I suggest BeSweet v1.5b31 and BeLight 0.21 (or a more recent version) to handle the audio conversion.
Here is a screenshot of BeLight 0.21 correctly configured: